Switch-Blade Corkscrew
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Switch Blade Corkscrew - Italian made Wine Openers that have been modified to be fully automatic.

Patented FoilKut© foil cutter: removes the top of the capsule in only 1/4 turn with a perfect clean cut. The pressure of the wheels bonds the capsule to the neck of the bottle preventing impurities that may be present under the capsule from coming into contact with the wine.

Patented Long cork©, tapered and grooved spiral allows for smooth insertion into the cork, and available with optional black Teflon coating.

Currently Available in 4 Styles:
Switch-Blade CorkScrew Models
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Original Switch-Blade Corkscrew Switch-Blade CorkScrew with Teflon Screw and Lever Switch-Blade CorkScrew with Teflon Screw Switch-Blade CorkScrew with Designer Pattern Lever